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Hours and Days of Operation

Keeping in contact with children, carers and parents

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Who can attend Family Day Care?

Children from 6 weeks of age can attend Family Day Care. School aged children may also be able to access care before and after school or during school holidays. Children with additional needs are welcomed. 

Priority of Access

We are a service approved by the Federal Government to provide Child Care Benefit to families. Child Care Benefit is a means tested subsidy which reduces cost of care to families. One of the responsibilities of this registration is to ensure that places are made using the priority of access guidelines as determined by the Federal Government. Therefore, our service will take children into care on the following basis:

  1. Priority 1:
    A child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  2. Priority 2:
    A child of a single parent who satisfies, or parents who both satisfy, the work/training/study test under Section 14 of the Family Assistance Act
  3. Priority 3:
    Any other child

Any child care service that has no vacant places and is providing care for a child who is a third priority may require that child to leave the service to provide a place for a higher priority.

Hours and Days of Operation

As self employed people Educators are able to set their own days and hours of operation. Some Educators work long hours of care ie. 11 hours per day, others work a 6 to 8 hour day. Care can sometimes be offered evenings, overnight, on weekends, for 24 hour care or on a short term basis. 

Please contact the Coordination Unit on (02) 4645 5190 for more information.

Keeping in contact with children, Educators and parents

Home Visits

Coordination Unit Staff visit Educators homes on a regular basis to monitor, support and resource the Educators. Staff will endeavour to leave a parent contact card or calling card with your child's Educator to inform you of the visit and your child's progress/development observed during the home visit. Should you wish to speak with your Educators Coordinator, please feel free to contact them at any time. We invite any feedback about your child's Educator or your child's progress whilst in care.

From time to time Coordination Unit Staff will conduct "courtesy" calls to parents to talk about your families experience with Family Day Care. Parents are also encouraged to contact their Educator or the Coordination Unit at anytime.

Scheme Surveys are conducted annually to assist the Co Ordination Unit to measure the level of quality and identify improvement plans. Feedback and suggestions from parents is always welcomed.


Many Educators and children attend playgroups in the community. Your Educator will inform you of any playgroups she attends when discussing her routine outings with you. Generally playgroups are held during school terms. Please dress your child in comfortable clothes, which are suitable for messy activities; eg painting, pasting.

Playgroups are a great opportunity for children to play in a larger group setting with a variety of activities to meet all the children's individual needs, interests and developmental stages. It is an opportunity for children to interact and socialise with other children and Educators in a safe and stimulating environment with the support of their Educator. Playgroup provides the children with an opportunity to become familiar with other children and Educators, therefore, when there is a need for children to use an alternate Educators, the transition is often easier.

Training Workshops

Camden Family Day Care provides training workshops throughout the year for Educators and parents. These courses are related to professional and child care issues. Information about these workshops will be in our newsletters, which are distributed to Educators and parents or by individual flyers which Educators will display on their notice boards. Camden Family Day Care also supports the continued professional development of all Educators.

Fees and Charges

As Educators are small business operators, they are entitled to set their own fees in accordance with the CCMS and the Department of Social Services.

Fees and charges should be discussed with your Educator and parents will be issued with a copy of the Educators individual Fee Schedule at the time of Parent/Care interview. Educators and Parents should discuss the applicable fees for their care arrangements and both parties are required to complete and sign the appropriate placement agreement.

Independent Fee Setting

The service should not charge a fee for the care of a child that exceeds the fee charged
for any other child, where the child is receiving the same kind of care and whose
circumstances are similar.

If the service charges a fee for a session of care, care must be available for the whole

Educators are required to give ample notice (8 weeks recommended) to families and the Co-ordination Unit of any changes to their current Fee Schedules.

Scheme Operational Charges

Camden Family Day Care reviews the operational charges annually in accordance to Camden Council Fees and Charges Policy. These charges are also outlined on your Educators Fee Schedule.


Paying your Fees

  1. Fees are payable to your Educator in advance on the first day of care each week.
  2. Educators may request a bond prior to commencement of care.
  3. Educators are required to receipt your payment.
  4. All regular booked care is to be paid for including days of absence e.g. Due to illness, Public Holiday.
  5. Fees are not payable if your Educator is unavailable to provide care due to illness or taking
  6. If alternate care is provided, fees are payable to the Educator at the rate prescribed by that Educator providing the care.
  7. Fees are payable for the cancellation of booked On-Call¯ care if 24 hours notice of the cancellation is not given.

Regular Care

Days and hours remain the same each week. All booked care is payable whether the child attends or not. Two weeks notice to cease care is required in writing. The Parent and Educator sign a Regular Care Placement Agreement. 

Casual/On-Call Care

Days and hours are irregular or change each week, eg: parent is on rotating shifts. Where care is not booked and not used fees are not charged. Where care is booked but not required, 24 hour notice of cancellation is required or fees will be charged. The Parent and Educator sign an On call Placement Agreement. 

Before/after School Care/ Vacation Care

All booked care is payable whether the child attends or not. (Holidays taken during school term will be charged). Fees are not charged during school holidays if vacation care is not required. Parents and Educator will sign a Before/After School Care Placement Agreement.

Changed Hours and Days of Care

Please complete a new Placement Agreement and provide your Educator with two week's notice, if possible, when making a permanent change to your booked care.


The overtime fee is applicable if a child is collected later than the booked times. The current rate is outlined in your Educators Fee Schedule. Overtime charges do not attract Child Care benefits. Please make every effort to contact your Educator if you cannot collect your child on time.


Transport fees can only be charged when an Educator is required to transport children to and from school/preschool as an additional trip. Where an Educator is making a trip for their own children no fee is charged. 

Annual Leave

Parents are required to give two weeks notice to their Educator where possible when taking Annual Leave. Fees are payable for any absences taken. Fees are not payable if the Educator is unavailable.

Public Holidays

If a Public Holiday falls on a day your child is usually booked into care, fees are payable, unless your Educator is not available the day immediately prior to or after the Public Holiday. If care is provided on a Public Holiday, the Educators Public Holiday rate will apply.

Notice of Withdrawal from Service

Two weeks written notice is required when a child is leaving the Scheme. (Please complete a Cease Care Form¯). Where two weeks written notice has been given children are required to attend care during these two weeks or the Child Care Benefit may not be applicable. Where two weeks notice is not given one week's full fees in lieu of notice is payable. (Child Care Benefit will not apply).

Parent Administration Levy

Parents pay an administration levy per child per hour to Camden Family Day Care. This levy is calculated into the total fee payable by the parent and covered by Childcare Benefits.

Government Assistance with Fees

Eligible families are entitled to assistance for the cost of child care. The Commonwealth Government provides assistance if the form of Child Care Benefits and the Child Care Tax Rebate. For information on how to apply:

  • Visit the Family Assistance Office at www.familyassist.gov.au
  • Send an email through www.familyassist.gov.au
  • Call 136150 between 8 and 8pm Monday to Friday
  • Visit a Family Assistance Office near you
  • Call 131202 if you need information in a language other than English.

To allow Child Care Benefits to be allocated against your child care cost you are required to:

  1. Have a current Child Care Benefit assessment with the Family Assistance Office
  2. Provide both the registered parent and each child's Centrelink Customer Reference Number when enrolling with the Scheme.

Parents Responsibility for receiving Child Care Benefits

When receiving CCB parents are responsible for keeping the Australian Government and Child Care Provider informed of any changes and make notification to both parties when your circumstances change. Checklist of responsibilities:

  • Sign or initial attendance records daily to show when your child starts care (time in) and
    finishes care (time out)- do not sign blank attendance records.
  • Sign or initial attendance records each time your child is absent from care
  • Inform each Child Care Service you are using when you have reached your maximum of
    42 absent days per child.
  • Provide your Child Care Service with documents where necessary for:
    >  Days your child is absent from care (eg: medical certificate)
    >  A change to your Child Care Benefit eligibility.
    >  Special Child Care Benefit.
    >  Advise the Family Assistance Office when changes occur that may effect your Child Care Benefit.

Child Records and Family Information

Information provided to Camden Family Day Care is solely for the use of the scheme in compliance with the NSW Children's Services Regulation 2004 and under the NSW Privacy Legislation Act 2001. Regulatory, licensing and funding bodies require the maintenance and retention of records in relation to all service stakeholders and enrolled children. All records pertaining to children, families, Educators and staff at Camden Family Day Care will be stored confidentially in a safe and secure area with access by authorised persons only.

Educators and Coordination Unit staff are required under the National Quality Framework to document individual childrens progress and make written observations. Samples of your child's artwork may also be colated for the purpose of individual child portfolios.

All child related records are available upon parent request. Additional records pertaining to your child may be obtained by completing a Freedom of Information Application available from Camden Council. Parents are encouraged to seek copies of the Camden Family Day Care Managing Records Policy and Confidentiality Policy. All questions and queries should be directed to the Coordination Unit staff.