Baby Sitting

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Choosing a baby sitter

There are a number of important details you need to find out about your potential babysitter.

Things to consider include:

  • What is the carer's age and experience? Has this experience has been with children of similar ages to your own?
  • Is the carer capable of keeping themselves and your children safe? Check for first aid and CPR certification.
  • Will they actively watch and entertain your children? Review their CV or online profile for this information.
  • How will the carer deal with difficult behaviour, separation anxiety, crying and whingeing?
  • How would they handle an emergency situation? Do they stay calm and act quickly and instinctively?
  • Do they know when to ask for help?
  • Do you feel that the carer is really willing to accept responsibility for your children?

(Care for Kids, 2010)

Preparing for a baby sitter

The more prepared your babysitter is, the more comfortable they will be looking after your children. They will know where things are, understand your routines and be able to deal with any difficult situations.

  • Always give clear instructions before leaving and allow time for your children to become settled and adjust to the carer.
  • Go over your expectations stressing that your priorities are to ensure your children's safety and care at all times.
  • Review feeding, naptimes, bedtime routines, preparation of light snacks and drinks.
  • Show the carer where nappies, wipes, changes of clothing, bottles, formula, food and snacks are kept.
  • Discuss any medications that the carer may need to dispense and be sure to write down the instructions for use.
  • Be sure that your carer knows what to do in an emergency situation. Take the carer for a tour of the house indicating entrances, exits, lights, burglar alarms, first aid kit, fuse box, flashlights and areas that are off limits.
  • Leave a list of emergency numbers next to the phone. Include your mobile number, numbers for emergency services, alternative contact numbers should the carer not be able to get in contact with you.
  • Tell the carer where you can be reached and what time you are expected to return.
  • Leave a snack for the carer. This ensures that their attention is fully on your children not on the preparation of meals. Consider providing a special treat for your children also.
  • Discuss rules for the carer's use of the phone, cable TV, Internet, carer's snacks and visitors.
  • Be clear on your rules for smoking and alcohol consumption.

(Care for Kids, 2010)

Handy Resources and Links

Raising Children Network
A fantastic range of information about all aspects of babysitting, including finding one, what to look for, preparing your child and concerns about the sitter.


Babysitting Guide- The NSW Commission of Children and Young People
A new kit for kids working as babysitters. It has practical tips for a safe and good experience for everyone involved. It is also designed to help parents work with their babysitters to get the best result.


Care for Kids
Provides direct links to babysitting and nanny services as well as agencies who operate in the area.

Find a Babysitter
This website allows you to search by postcode and type of care required.  Beware, though, it is not free, there is an annual membership cost to use the site, including information about babysitting.