Why breastfeed?

Breast milk is the perfect food for babies, and it's all your baby needs during the first six months of life.

Breast milk really is a wonder. Ready-to-go and a meal in one, it's a great start to give your baby.

  • Breastfeeding can protect against infection and some chronic diseases, and is linked with improved development in early years
  • Breastfeeding makes bonding between you and your baby easier
  • Breastfeeding provides many practical benefits for mothers as well as babies
  • Most mothers can breastfeed if they have correct information, support and nurturing
  • Breast milk is free and comes at no environmental cost!

Breastfeeding Friendly Venues in Camden

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) lists breastfeeding friendly venues, this list in Australia is acquired mostly from those venues that have registered via the ABA website. The ABA is aware that this list may not be complete at any given time as not all venues that support breastfeeding and display the 'Breastfeeding Welcome Here' sticker or folder have registered on the website. For more information on the sticker program, please view the links under the 'Handy Resources' section on this page.

For a list of breastfeeding friendly venues accredited by the ABA please click here.

Handy Resources

Breastfeeding Helpline - 1800 686 2 686 (1800 mum 2 mum)
ABA's breastfeeding counsellors help thousands of mothers every year. As breastfeeding mothers themselves, they know that breastfeeding may not always seem easy. Their experience can reassure new mothers and give them the knowledge to understand how breastfeeding works. Counselling is available to ABA subscribers and non-subscribers alike.


"Breastfeeding Welcome Here" kit
A "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" sticker and kit has been produced to improve community acceptability of breastfeeding in public through the accreditation and promotion of breastfeeding friendly businesses. Visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website for more information.


Partners Supporting Breastfeeding
This section of the Australian Breastfeeding Association website helps partners to understand how important their role is in their baby's life, and how much support and encouragement they can provide a new mum.

ABC Parenting - Breastfeeding positions
An easy to follow guide on correct breastfeeding positions.


ABC Parenting -Breastfeeding techniques
Information on breastfeeding techniques such as, a basic feeding routine, attaching baby to the breast and burping.