Child Friendly Cities Movement

Building a Child Friendly Community aims to ensure that the community as a whole values and respects children, and creates opportunities to improve children's health, learning, safety and lifestyle.

It is also underpinned by a committment to promoting children's active involvement in issues that affect them; listening to their views and taking their feedback into consideration in decision making.

A child friendly city guarantees the right of every young citizen to:

Influence decisions about their city
      -  Express their opinion on the city they want
      -  Participate in family, community and social life
      -  Receive basic services such as health care,
          education and shelter
      -  Drink safe water and have access to proper sanitation
      -  Be protected from exploitation, violence and abuse
      -  Walk safely in the streets on their own
      -  Meet friends and play
      -  Have green spaces for plants and animals
      -  Live in unpolluted environments
      -  Participate in cultural and social events
      -  Be an equal citizen in their city with access to every
          service, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, income, 
          gender or disability

Resources and Reports

Child Friendly Cities - UNICEF Australia
Learn more about the Child Friendly Cities movement. 


NSW Commission for Children and Young People
News, events, participation kit, reports, including 'Towards the development of an Indicators framework for a Child-friendly Community - Literature review' which can be found under 'Child-friendly community indicators'.

Built 4 Kids is a resource which has been developed to help adults involved in planning built environments to better understand children and young people's perspectives.


Child Friendly by Design Resource Toolkit
Child Friendly by Design is a resource developed by Healthy Cities Illawarra that gives tools, ideas and information, which helps guide and direct practice, and gives practical examples of how you can make a place or space more child friendly


Child Friendly Asia Pacific
Children's participation section, resources such as checklists and links, events & news, feedback forum.


City of Greater Bendigo
Bendigo is the first city in Australia to be recognised as a Child Friendly City by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in 2007.


NAPCAN's Child Friendly Australia
Child friendly challenges, case studies, Community Action resources, checklists and building blocks, links to UNICEF cartoons.