How to enrol your child

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How do I place my child on the waiting list?

Parents are required to complete a Waiting List Application form prior to their child starting with family day care. A Waiting List Application form can be obtained directly from the Coordination Unit office or via email. Parents who require additional assistance with completing the form are encouraged to phone the Coordination Unit office for help.  Coordination Unit staff have access to additional services e.g. an interpreter if required.

The Waiting List Application form requires you to complete personal details relating to your child and indicate the days and hours care is required. A space is provided for any additional information specific to your care needs.

What happens after I complete the Waiting List Application?

Once you have completed the Waiting List Application, your form will be registered and filed on our Waiting List. Families will be contacted close to the date care is required or as a vacancy arises.

If your details change after returning the Waiting List application, please phone the Coordination Unit office to advise.

During the initial enquiry stage, Coordination Unit staff may ask you questions relating to individual care requirements, family practices and care expectations. This information will then provide the staff with a basis for referral.

The referral process

Careful planning and consideration is given when referring families. Coordination Unit staff will always endeavour to provide families with more than one Educator during the referral stage, however, age groups, the child's priority of access rating and Educator vacancies heavily influence the referral given.

Coordination Unit staff will provide you with the name and contact telephone number of potential Educators. It is the parents' responsibility to contact the Educator to arrange a time for the initial enrolment interview.

Parents are required to contact the Coordination Unit office within 48 hours, after meeting with the Educator. Coordination Unit staff will then arrange for an official enrolment interview at the office, or attempt to refer you to another Educator within the scheme.

Parents are always encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with Coordination Unit staff.

Helping your child settle into care

Following enrolment with Family Day Care, a staff member will visit with your child at the Educators home. During the visit the staff member will monitor your child's progress and leave a Parent Contact Card advising of the visit.

A courtesy call may also be made to the family within the first four weeks of the child commencing care. Parents are encouraged to provide Coordination Unit staff with feedback on the referral process and recent placement.

To assist with the transition into care, Educators will:

  • Discuss their routine, program, daily practices and expectations
  • Actively seek information from you about your family practices, child's routine etc
  • Establish open communication and discuss the days events and child's progress
  • Welcome you to call anytime to check on your child's progress
  • Respond to your child in a way that conveys respect and empathy
  • Borrow additional resources from the Toy Library or seek assistance from their coordinator to facilitate a smooth transition into care

To assist with the transition into care, Coordination Unit staff will:

  • Provide the Educator with any information relevant to the child and family, including enrolment forms, fee estimates, allergy management plans, court orders etc
  • Support the Educator with any additional resources, home visits, current literature etc.
  • Contact the family within four weeks of commencing care
  • Monitor the placement
  • Monitor the child's progress in care and leave Parent Contact Cards / Calling Cards when visiting
  • Respond to all families respectfully and address all concerns and queries in accordance with the service policies and procedures
  • Assist with placement in alternate care (as required)

Parents are encouraged to:

  • Contact the Coordination Unit office at anytime to discuss your child's progress, Child Care Benefit percentage (CCB), general queries or feedback
  • Refer to the service philosophy, policies and procedures, and Parent Handbook
  • Inform the Educator and Coordination Unit staff of any changes to your family details