Helpful Information

Parents are encouraged to meet with the Family Day Care Educator's family and ask any questions relating to the care of their child. This is a great way to become familiar with other members of the Educator's family and develop a genuine partnership with the Educator. Some of the topics you might discuss include the following:


      >  Sleeping
      >  Food and Meals
      >  Nappies and Toileting
      >  Clothing
      >  Behaviour Guidance
      >  Equipment, Excursions and Activities
      >  Transport and Car Safety
      >  Alternative Care Arrangements
      >  Notice of withdrawal from scheme


Educators are required to adapt sleep and rest patterns that meet the individual needs of each child in care. Regular periods of active and quiet play are provided for children throughout the day. Parents are encouraged to discuss with the Educator the child's routine, sleeping habits and any culturally relevant practices. The use of comforters and soft music during settling periods is also encouraged.

Please ask to see where your child will be sleeping and ask questions relating to bedding for your child (does the Educator provide linen, etc). All Educators must also complete a management plan on how they monitor sleeping children in care. Please feel free to discuss this with your Educator.

Food in Family Day Care

Most Educators ask that children bring their own lunch into Family Day Care. Please discuss with your Educator during the enrolment meeting at the Educator's home. Parents are encouraged to pack lunchboxes that promote healthy eating for young children.

Information on good nutrition and recipe ideas are included in the Enrolment Information Package issued upon enrolment with the scheme. Please discuss with your Educator any religious or cultural practices important to your family. Parents must also talk with the Educator about any food allegies or intolerances their child has. The scheme has established Management Plans to ensure the safety of children who suffer from anaphylaxis.

Nappies & Toileting

Educators understand how important it is to provide children with a positive environment that supports children during nappy changing and toileting times. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their Educator requirements for nappy changing and toileting and ensure that supplies are always available for the Educator should an 'accident occur' while in care. If you have any questions or practices individual to your child, please discuss with your Educator or Coordination Unit staff.


Parents are encouraged to dress their child in safe, comfortable clothing including hats, which meet the sun safe guidelines for all weather. Please remember that your child may get a little dirty in care, therefore, send your child in 'play clothes' and send along a spare set of clothes in your child's bag.

Behaviour Guidance

Children enrolled with the service will be given opportunities to explore and learn through trial and experimentation. Educators and Coordination Unit staff will guide children's behaviour as a means of teaching self-control and respect for other's rights, needs and feelings. At no time will a Educator or Coordination Unit staff member physically punish or humiliate a child. Educators are encouraged to discuss any issues relating to behaviour with the child's parents or Coordination Unit staff.

Equipment, Excursions and Activities

During the initial meeting at the Educator's home, the Educator may provide you with various information relating to the Family Day Care Service. Listed below are some items you might like to view:

  • Program of activities
  • Daily Routine
  • Carer Registration Certificat
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Fire Evacuation Plan

Parents are required to sign Routine Excursion or Non-Routine Excursion forms, if required.

Transport - Car Safety

Educators must transport children in a safe manner, in accordance with the current laws. You should be aware of how your child is being transported and provide appropriate car seats or capsules for Educators to use if required. Educators must provide the anchorage points. All Educators using their car for Family Day Care hold a compliance certificate from an RTA approved restraint fitting station annually.

Alternative Care Arrangements

Educators are required to give two week's notice where possible when closing their service to take leave. Alternate care arrangements can be made by either your Educator or the Coordination Unit.

Where a Educator is not available on short notice due to illness etc, care will be provided with an alternate Educator where possible. Educators have access to the Co-ordination Unit 24 hour mobile number for emergencies. The alternate Educator needs to be provided with contact details and any other important information about your child's care requirements. When alternate care arrangements have been made by your Educator, the office is to be advised of whom the child has been placed with.

Notice of Withdrawal from Service

Two weeks written notice is required when a child is leaving the Service. (Please complete a "Cease Care Form"). Where two weeks written notice has been given children are required to attend care during these two weeks or the Child Care Benefit may not be applicable. Where two weeks notice is not given one week's full fees in lieu of notice is payable. (Child Care Benefit will not apply).