Our Philosophy

Camden Family Day Care supports the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child declaration and believes family is central to a child’s life. Children thrive in environments that facilitate opportunity to experience a sense of belonging and enhance overall learning which promotes future success. This will be incorporated through ongoing commitment to the National Quality Framework including National Education and Care Regulations, National Quality Standards, the Early Years Learning Framework and the  My Time, Our Place School Framework for school age children. Camden Family Day Care believe that this can be achieved in the following ways:


In relation to children:

  • Educators and coordination unit staff plan and provide activities that reflect each child’s individual qualities, interests and needs. Educators and staff collaborate with children as global citizens in learning about their community
  • Planned experiences will provide children with the opportunity to practice skills, refine current knowledge, make meaningful connections, experience a sense of belonging and enhance overall learning opportunities to promote future success.
  • Educators and coordination unit staff will provoke wonder, curosity and intellectual engagement through play based activities of which is based on careful observations and information gathering.
  • The small family day care group environment provides an opportunity for children to feel safe and loved, and establish positive friendships with peers and adults.
  • Children are acknowledged as individual, capable, and competent whose ideas are valued. We realise the importance of ensuring that children are given the opportunity to develop a positive self esteem and resilience to cope in our globalized society.

In relation to Family Day Care Educators:

  • Educators and their own family members play a vital role in providing a supportive, safe and respectful environment where children can flourish and form positive attachments with others that are based on trust, love and honesty.
  • Educators and parents work in partnership to promote successful placement and ensure a sense of belonging for the child.
  • Educators identify and respect the uniqueness of each child and their family in relation to their culture, abilities, needs, aspirations and values.
  • Educators are viewed as independent, capable, and competent early childhood professionals who are supported by an experienced and qualified coordination and advocate for children in family day care.
  • Educators show commitment to professional development opportunities and advocate for children in family day care.
  • Educators plan programs for children that provide them with opportunity to explore, investigate and consolidate their learning through play-based experiences.
  • Educators build upon the children's learning and development through observation, planning and evaluating.


 In relation to Families:

  • Families play a vital role in establishing and maintaining positive partnerships with educators and co ordination unit staff that is based on mutual trust and open communication.
  • Families are encouraged to share information relevant to their individual values, beliefs and culture with their family day care educator.
  • Families are valued as active participants in review and consultation processes.
  • Educators and co ordination unit staff will work collaboratively with families to ensure that access to information and resources supports positive family functioning.
  • Educators and co ordination unit staff will respect the right to individual privacy and ensure confidentiality is maintained.

In relation to the Service:

  • The service ensures that policies are reflective of legislative changes, Camden Council policies and current best practice in early childhood education and care.
  • The service strives for continual improvement and embraces feedback from all stakeholders to ensure high quality service delivery is maintained.
  • The co ordination unit will provide a quality service which is accessible, available and promotes inclusivity in response to the diverse needs in the community context.
  • Personal and professional strengths and styles of individuals within the coordination unit team are respected, and critical reflection is encouraged to ensure shared perspectives.
  • The service promotes and participates in practices that foster sustainability and encourage the use of natural resources to support a sense of connectedness to the land and environment.