Transition to School

Starting school is an important milestone for young children and their families. This big step is an exciting time but can also be very daunting. The information provided here is aimed at helping families make Transition to School a positive experience.

Is my child ready to start school?


What is expected of children starting school will vary from school to school, it may be best to check with your local school. Here are some general ideas that may help you and your child prepare for school.


  • Teach your child to identify their name (if they can write it too, that's a bonus!)
  • Teach your child about shapes and colours
  • Help your child to count to 10
  • Read with your child, ask them to point to individual words, help them to identify what a word is and what a letter is
  • Teach your child some self help skills, such as toileting and taking off their jumper (and putting it somewhere safe)
  • Teach your child to hold a pencil correctly
  • Help your child to practice making new friends

Heres a handy Get Ready for School checklist


Starting School in Camden

Camden Council along with Big Fat Smile are working on the transition to school project, "Starting School in Camden".

This project aims to support families and children who are starting school next year to have a smooth transition to the "BIG" school experience.

Keep an eye out for "Starting School in Camden" information and events.

View the "Starting School in Camden" booklet here.

For some more information about transition to school, click here


Resources and links


Local Schools
The Camden Kids local schools page


Time to start school, Family guide to preparing for Kindergarten
NSW Department of Education & Training


A Special Place
A childrens picture book about starting school
NSW Department of Education & Communities


School Readiness Parent Information Sheet
Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne


School A to Z
Practical help for parents
NSW Department of Education & Communities


Helping Kindy Kids succeed at school
School A to Z, NSW Departement of Education & Communities


A happy start to school for kids with special needs
NSW Department of Education & Communities


NSW Public Schools - Department of Education
Information on public schooling from the NSW Department of Education and Training. Includes information on finding a school, enrollments, and important dates.


Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Wollongong
Providing education and information on religious education, covers Catholic schools in the Camden Local Government Area.


Curriculum Support
NSW Department of Education & Training, includes links to parents guides to the Best Start Kindergarten Assessments in Numeracy and Literacy.


Parents Guide to the NSW Syllabuses
Board of Studies NSW, What and how your child will be learning.