Websites for children

Before you start playing..

  • There are many things to consider before allowing children to use computers and the internet. Some excellent information is available on the Raising Children website, as well as links to other good advice.
  • There is also useful information on the Parenting and Child Health website, particularly if you are fairly new to the internet.

Websites for young children

Play School
This interactive site features characters from ABC-TV's Play School. Click on a character to play games that teach children various skills, including matching, memory, clock, sing-along, painting and musical instrument games. Each involves easy mouse movements for young children, with voices and music that watchers of the TV show will be familiar with. Suitable for ages 1 - 6 years.


Triple Zero Kids Challenge
Kids will learn about getting help by playing games and solving mysteries. They'll learn about safety messages and hear what happens when you call Triple Zero. Along the way they will meet the "Zeros" as they are guided step by step through the game.


Poisson Rouge
This amazingly creative site contains online alphabet, counting and reading games and activities for preschool children. There are alphabet games available in both English and French. The site is intuitive and children learn by playing. When you first open the site, clicking on the coloured section will make the ads disappear.


The Playground
A fun site that is safe, friendly and easy to use for young children. Intuitive navigation make it easy for pre-school aged children to explore without adult help. Lots to see and do here.


Bananas in Pyjamas
A variety of fun activities which fans will love. Some games need Adobe Shockwave (a free download). Song Time is a great activity, children can be creative with different instrument sounds in familiar tunes.


Joe's Maze Game
A maze game with three levels, recommended for ages 2-6.


John Butler Fun Page
Cute games, very simple mouse movements, no sound.


The Little Big Book Club
E-books and associated on-line activities. See titles on left-hand side of the page, for example Cat and Boom Bah! (Games need Flash player downloaded).


Baby Karaoke
Raising Children Network:
You and your baby can sing along to songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, The Wheels on the Bus and many more. A song sheet is also provided. 


The Wiggles
A variety of games and activities for young children, some with different levels of difficulty.


Dora the Explorer
A range of on- and off-line activities for pre-schoolers.


Razzledazzle cbeebies
Website from the UK's BBC. A variety of language games and links, for example children can 'read' along and become actively involved with stories to help them get a feel for written language and story patterns.