Published on 9 February 2021

Feeding Tube Awareness Week is held each year between the 7-13 February. Feeding Tube Awareness Week exists to both increase awareness and understanding to the community about what tube feeding is and the challenges it can bring to individuals and their families.

There are many reasons why babies, children or adults may need to use a feeding tube. For a lot of people who use feeding tubes, it is the only way they can get nutrition into their body.  There also lots of different types of feeding tubes.

Some who use feeding tubes may also be immunocompromised, meaning they are easily susceptible to germs and sicknesses. In a COVID world it is more important than ever to understand the importance of staying home while unwell.

Many who have feeding tubes, live relatively ‘normal’ lives like the average person. It’s just another way to eat and nothing more. Join us this week in normalising using and wearing a feeding tube.

To get on board and take part in raising awareness, visit the resources page at

To read about a family who has been impacted by needing to use a feeding tube, click on Jacks Story.

Jacks Story

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