Published on 21 January 2021

School is fast approaching, with only a couple weeks left to go. Excitement and nerves may be on the cards for our newest cohort of children about to start kindergarten. Nerves for both children and parents is more than normal, especially when our world has become so uncertain in a COVID world.

Children tend to feel anxious before starting school due to the uncertainty surrounding it; the unknown. However, reports also show children are excited to make new friends.  Research highlights that children frame their expectations on their parent’s stories and experiences, so if we’re nervous ourselves, that will come across to our kids. However, if we tell them positive and exciting stories about school, they are more likely to feel assured and confident.

In light of this research, the Camden Paint The Town REaD committee has put together a list of books for kids getting ready for school. All these books can be borrowed from Camden’s local libraries. A variety of books on the list include topics such as ‘not wanting to go to school’, ‘the first day of school’ and ‘things you need to know about school’. Books can be borrowed for up to three weeks, and if you’re not a member, why not join, it’s free!

Download the Getting Ready for School List here

Sometimes as parents we’re not sure the best way to word things for our kids, or maybe we’re the nervous ones, and our kids are okay. So the committee also put together a list for parents of 12 helpful books, ranging from transitioning kids to school to lunch ideas.

Books for parents

  1. Ready, set, go? by Kathy Walker
  2. 101 packed lunch ideas
  3. 12 ways your child can get the best out of school by Adrian Piccoli
  4. The art of growing up by John Marsden
  5. Beginning school together: sharing strengths
  6. Is my child ready for school : an easy to follow guide for parents by Karen Seinor
  7. School ready: a practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids by Sonja Walker, 
  8. Getting ready to start school: parents and experts share advice and experience
  9. Good ideas: how to be your child's (and your own) best teacher by Michael Rosen
  10. A parent's survival guide to starting school: help your child sail through to big school! by Kirstine Beeley
  11. Ready, set, learn!: helping your child with autism prepare to start school Anna Moffat
  12. You, your child, and school: navigate your way to the best education by Ken Robinson


If you are looking for a specific book for you or your kids regarding school, anxiousness or support, Camden Libraries are always able to put an order in.

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