Published on 31 March 2020

Trying to explain to our children what is going on in our world may be a daunting task. Some children are more aware, others can sense something is 'different' and some kids have no idea (which isn’t always a bad thing!).  Children understand more than we realise and even though it can be tempting to pretend nothing is happening or maybe gloss over the details, sometimes this can be more anxiety-inducing for our kids.

When kids ask questions, it is best to be honest (in kid friendly terms). Give them the space and opportunity to ask questions and also be honest with them when you don’t always know the answers. To help explain what coronavirus is and what we can do to keep safe, author Manuela Molina developed a downloadable child-friendly activity book. It is great for young children and parents alike.

Download a copy of Manuela Molina’s book here.

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