Published on 17 December 2021

School holidays are the perfect opportunity for your children to get out and about and get active. Having children try and engage in different sports and activities, can help build healthy life habits early on, as well as be a great way to develop social skills. 

School Holiday Activities & Programs run every school holidays at Mt Annan Leisure Centre. These programs are an opportunity for your child to grow and learn from new experiences. Get your kids away from screens these holidays and come down to Mount Annan Leisure Centre to be active, jump around and have fun. Learn to Swim Intensives, sports clinics, learn to play, pool fun and more! 

We have lots of School Holiday Activities running over the summer! To check out the timetable and further information School Holiday Activities - Mt Annan Leisure Centre

For more information on child health and fitness NSW Health has programs promoting healthy child habits that families can get involved with. 



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