Immunisation from an early age is highly recommended for all Australian children.

Having your child immunised helps protect not only themselves against the most serious childhood infections, but also the community. In the first months of life, a baby is protected from some infectious diseases by antibodies transferred from mother to baby during pregnancy. However, once these antibodies wear off, the baby is at risk of serious infection.

If your child is not vaccinated your family may lose access to tax benefits and childhood services, no jab no pay. Most child care centres now require you to provide your child’s immunisation record before attending, and will generally follow the no jab, no play rule.  To help keep track of your child’s immunisation record, join the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with which immunisations should occur next and at what point. The ‘save the date to vaccinate’  app prompts you as to when your child needs their next immunisations and allows you add your whole family.

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