Child safety in and around the home is essential in maintaining the health and wellbeing of our kids. From birth, children are vulnerable to many possible safety issues around the home and therefore setting up a safe environment is important, not only for their protection but your peace of mind.

Drowning is one of the greatest causes of accidental death with children under the age of five. Water safety and water knowledge around the home - whether it is in the bath or in the pool - is crucial to keeping your kids safe.

The Kidsafe website has some great resources regarding home safety checklists and Kidsafe homes. As does the Red Nose Foundation, regarding safe sleeping habits for babies.

The Child Safety Hub is also a great source regarding safety around the home, including personal safety and how to set up safe parameters. Download a copy of the Child Safety Handbook to keep handy.

For any situations regarding ingestion of poisons or insect stings and bites, don’t hesitate to contact the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26. If it’s an emergency call 000 for an ambulance and if  your child isn’t breathing, try resuscitation.

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