Published on 26 August 2020

A carer can be anyone, any culture and any age. A carer can even be a child, as a child may care for a sibling or parent.  

Carers NSW defines a carer as “any individual who provides care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, drug and/or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail”.

Caring for someone can have emotional, physical and/or financial impacts which can affect other aspects of life such as being able to work or socialise. For children it can affect not only their social life but also their education.

Many carers may not even realise they are a carer or identify as one as the role of a carer differs across the board. A carer does not have to provide care to someone every day to still be considered as a carer.

As National Carers Week approaches, Camden Council would love to hear your experience and your story. We want to hear the voices of all ages and types of carers. Or maybe you would like to share about someone who cares for you. If you would be interested in sharing your story, please contact the Children and Family Community Project Officer on 4654 7879 or send an email for more information.

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