Published on 17 March 2020

Evidence-based Australian parenting website with the support of Commonwealth Department of Social Services, has developed The First 1000 Days portal with resources to support parents and carers through the first 1000 days of child’s life. The first 1000 days includes from conception all the way until two years of age.

Children thrive when their parents are well supported and have services available to them. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how and where to find the best information. The First 1000 Days portal has information regarding how to look after yourself as a parent during pregnancy and through the early stages of being a parent. There are also tools available regarding the development of your child, milestones, the importance of healthy nutrition and environments as well as the importance of play.

Specific information and tips can also be found for parents of children with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents

To find local parenting and children services in the Camden Local Government Area check out our directory.

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