Published on 11 January 2024

School Holidays can be an exciting time for children and families, while also posing the challenge of keeping kids entertained. SO! We have compiled a list of activities that are child-friendly and can be done at home with minimal resources.

Playing is not only a fun activity that children love, but it also provides opportunity for them to explore their senses, imagination and creativity. Learning through play is one of the most important ways that children grow and develop which helps them make sense of their world.

More information about learning through play


Activities for Kids:

Salt Sketching: click here

Still Life Painting: click here

Finger Painting in a bag: click here

Does it Float or Sink? click here

Multi-coloured Melting Ice: click here

Peg Relay: click here


Salt Sketching

Still Life Painting

no mess finger painting activity for kids

Coloured Melting Ice

peg relays outdoor activities for children






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