Published on 20 April 2020

It’s difficult to get out and about during a time when we are meant to stay in. Many of us also don’t have the backyard space to run around and do exercise, but one thing most of have is either a TV, computer, laptop or tablet. As we are all cooped up inside, personal trainers, sports coaches, dance teachers and yoga instructors are sharing online options to get moving. We have compiled a list of fun options for you to try in the comfort of your own home, do it with the kids, or set them up while you take a well-deserved break! Added bonus, they’re Australian based too!

Go4Fun Online

Go4Fun is a NSW based program. It includes a free 10-week online program for kids 7-13years. The program includes physical activities, food support, rewards, personalised support and more.

Elasticity Kids

Elasticity Kids is a group based in South West Sydney and have created an online group to encourage your kids 2-12years to get moving at home. A free program that teaches kids the importance of nutrition and physical movement. Join their Facebook group for all the updates.

Happy Feet @ Home

Happy Feet @ Home is an online Australian platform in which you can subscribe to virtual Happy Feet Fitness classes on any device or TV. The classes are full of movement, dance, original music, magic, games and laughter for ages 1-6years.

Gecko Sports

Gecko Sports is an Australian organisation that has created an ‘on demand’ sports and fun fitness program for kids 5-18years. New programs are uploaded twice weekly and all activities are available for those who sign up as members.

Also check out these great options from around the world:

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