Published on 27 May 2024

As Families Week concludes, we encourage you to reflect on what family means to you, and what role you play within your family. As parents and carers, there can be a lot to juggle and sometimes we may feel like we don't have all the answers.

Reaching out for support is an important part of family life, and the Raising Healthy Minds App can be helpful in navigating through all the stages of childhood and parenthood. 

The Raising Healthy Minds App is a FREE, personalised pocket resource to help you raise confident, resilient children. 

Co-designed with parents and experts and funded by the Australian Government, the app offers a mix of:

  • Quick-read articles;
  • Informative videos; and
  • Animations


Raising Healthy Minds can help support Parents, Carers, Educators and Health Professionals with:

  • Practical tips about child development and behaviour
  • Linking to more places who can provide support
  • Improving knowledge about topics like self-esteem, anxiety and neurodivergence

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