Published on 15 June 2022

Is your child starting Kindergarten in 2023? 

Starting big school is an exciting and significant transition for children. Helping your little one prepare can build their confidence for when the big day comes, as well as your confidence too. Transition to school programs support children to build social and emotional development, understanding and following instructions and cooperating with others. COVID-19 has caused disruption to children's lives for the past 2 years - impacting development of social skills and independence. This proves transition to school programs are more needed than ever.

Department of Education have a range of resources to help parents and children get ready for this 

  • Getting ready for primary school  – a school readiness checklist, useful preparation activities and information about what to expect at school.
  • Let’s go to school  – an activity book for children and parents about going to school.
  • Starting school – information on when children should start school, orientation day and helping your child get ready.
  • Starting School Guides - resources to help your child get prepared for the next stage of their school journey.

For more information about transitioning to school, visit our Camden Kids page. 

Preparing your little one for the transition to school is also very important. It helps children understand how school runs and get familiar with the school grounds. Early learning childhood centers and some primary schools have transition to school programs. To find out, contact the center your child attends or school your child will be enrolled in. Below are two programs offered for Camden families:

Families in Focus - Success for School 

success for school3


Northcott - School Readiness Program 

School readiness program flyers Campbelltown 002 002

For more information on enrolling your child in school and school readiness Enrolling in School for 2023

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