Published on 30 October 2020

This week in recognition and celebration of National Children’s Week, we have aimed to showcase a selection of children’s voices from around Camden. From some of the youngest at childcare to some of our older ones in years five and six. Hearing children’s voices is important to us here at Camden Council. Our children and family strategy is informed by the United Nations Conventions on The Rights of The Child. Within this document there are 54 articles – which means 54 statements on Children’s Rights. This year we have chosen to focus on voice, which is encompassing of two articles in particular.


Article 12 -Respect for children’s views;

Article 13 – Sharing thoughts freely


This means children have the right to share and give opinions freely on any issue that affects them and we as adults, parents, teachers, carers, council workers should listen and take them seriously. The way children may share their voice could be through talking, drawing, painting, writing or even through their creative choice of clothing! All children of any age have the right to share freely. Check out some of the images from The Early Learning Hub to see more of children’s voices.

 child protection early learning hub2

To hear from children in Camden, visit Camden Councils Facebook page.

To read more about the Convention on the Rights of the Child download here


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